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free rqs, I rarely do this. they will be sketches. sorry irl is limiting me.

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Mature Content

Twinkle by TwinkletoesKat

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10. :iconstereoandsapphire199: --> Sapphire (1)Sapphire 2016 Design by StereoAndSapphire199

Note: take it easy on me with your char details plz (gotta be sonic styled)


Soul Tyo
About Me

:bulletblue: Nicknames

old enough to know better (September 15th)

rainbow, judge that raciest :V

Soo many :),

:bulletred:Fav Bands/Singers:bulletred:
Saliva, Skillet, Shinedown, Soulfly, Nickelback, Deftones, Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Shootie HG, Hatestar, Eminem, Sevendust, Seether, The Shizit, Acid Enema, A2, Babylon Disco, Atlas Plug, Celldweller, Aphex Twin, A Dark Halo, Gizmachi, Starren Ayentent, Distrurbed, Combichrist, Fumie Kumitani, Crush 40, Downstait, Fireball Ministry, Epic Score, Jamie Christopherson

:bulletblack:Fav Actors:bulletblack:
Too many

:bulletred:Fav Animes/Shows/Films:bulletred:
Family Guy, DBZ, Sonic X, Robot Chicken, AoSTH, SaTAM, Batman Beyond, I like action flicks

:bulletred:My Best Created Fan Characters:bulletred:
Soul Tyo the Hedgechidna/Mysterious, Stardust Seether the Hedgehog/Cosmic Bumblebee, Saros the Cat, Incognito the Imperfect, Sparkle the Hedgehog, Berzerk the Wolverine, Ivan the Fox, Zero the Mysterious, Parasite the Hedgehog, Bio the Hedgehog, Nero/9 the Hedgehog, Hiraku the Red Panda, Destruction the Hedgehog, Destroyer the Mecha, Magnum the Hedgehog, Phenom the Freak, Starren the Hybrid, Rocket the Hedgehog, Rebma-A2 the Douchehog, Sprinkles the Hedgehog, Axel the Hedgechidna, Spyra the Pyroprincess, Sayomi the Albino Lynx/Reject, Sisco the Urbanwolf, Angel the Cat, Seamus the Puppy, Smores the Cute, Sweet-E the Tenrec, Agent Steph the Hegechidnat, Ray the Bat, Spiral the Hedgehog, Tegra the Tigress, Aoi the Unknown, Wildfire the Albino Pyrohedgechidna, VJ the Kitten, Ring and Rie the Teasers, G-Girls (Glitch, Gore, and Glory the Echidnas), Laija the Jerboa, Val the Cobra, Sonya the Hedgehog, Treats the Zebra-Striped Lynx, Ysane Stoneheart the Dragon, Killabyte-012 the Ultratype, Tru the Mysterioknown, Renegade the Tenrec, Vengeance the Hedgehog, Venom the Hedgehog, Karma the Unknown (Co-owned with :iconblue-the-unknown: ) Discharge the Cat, Spitfire the Echidog, Lyrik the Catfox, Taint the Hedgechidna, NV the Deer, Daisy the Hedgie, Sura the Mysterious, Ariezla the Uberhog, Xihana the Uberhog,Tundra the Hulking, Pizza the Cat, GE-10 (Giggles, Bubblez, Noku, Lady, Haze, Fluttering, Babylon-117, Rhythm, and Vapor the Echidnas), Yael the Cerebus, Gage the Hedgehog, Glaze the Bee, Cryo the Octoling, Pamela Purity Platinum the Mysterious AkA "Triple P", Ally Acid the Jungle Badger, Ghost the Mysterious, Roll-N the Mysterious, Stonez the Lynxoodle, Mi the Pacgirl, Velocity the Wolf, Blush the Mink, Nitro Seether the Hedgehog, Amethyst the Echidna, Cash the Kitsune, Lilitu the Bear, Fury the Wolvercat,Cry the Pretty and etc.

:bulletblue: Minor Chars Im Keeping Up With :bulletblue:

Zaraliza the Uberhawg, Blue-M the Echidna, Darkstar, Chill the Hedgehog, Anova, Animosity the Cat

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:

1. Requests: Please take this into consideration, I don't mind doing requests but I stopped cause it turns into a 24/7 thing as one willtake advatange of it thinking that they can get free art all more than ever all they want too

2. Art Trades: I don't mind AT's unless I can trust said user doing it, but I will inform them first hand if I take long its because three different, tech issues, or mood all together or I will stop the trade in case Im unable to do it. now if the user does what is right then the trade is solid but if they take forever and don't do those three things ormaybe lie about it then I won't do it. plus during the trade I will let them go first and I go second.

3. Commissions: They are always open unless people are so concerned about high quality and prices. sorry im NOT like your everydays "heroes" in the community that charge way out the pocket.

4. Notes: I don't mind friendly notes. but please don't note me to seduce me or my characters. yeah don't give me the "there not real" thing cause Im logical but my creations, my universe, my rules.

5. Being Active: Depending on mood or life altogether is when it will be more art here. due too things like life iand what not I get limited to doing my artworks so plz understand its not easy to post alot, or have completed projects.

6. Drama: As a victim of it, I'll will state III don't want drama upon my deviations, journals or anything. if you or someone has some grip with each other then take it in notes or something. now if its with me then you can not me too cause if on my pages I will just "Flagged as Spam". if you wanna be a hater then understand I love you too but you gt to gtfo my page. now if you wanna make a blog, wiki page, tumblr post, facebook status, skype IM or dA note please let me know so I can laug at how pathetic you are. just be a human being and address me as such. if not then stop wasting your time fucking with me and get a life.

7. Rping: I will not use any of my main or top chars to be involved in weird rps unless its with their soulmates. besides I only rp with my gf :iconblue-the-unknown:

8. Dislikes: Cross-coupling, cheating fetish, rape fetish, perverted comments, young users telling me to take off my mature filters, slandering, trolling, snobs, "popular" artists, spoiled users, pimping fetish, sexually promiscuous characters, bitchy female users, freeloading users, passive-agressive users, scat, watersports, and overall stupidity.

:bulletblue: Hashtags :bulletblue:

#SoultheMysterious, #AntiPerv, #AntiPedo, #Rebel, #PushSoultheMysterious, #Faithful, #AntiCheating, #ImBetterThanYou, #DeathtoPopularity, #StillAlive, #MajorLeagueUnderdog, #MLUD

:iconbigheartplz::iconblue-the-unknown::iconsoul-the-mysterious::iconbigheartplz: (9/7/08)


free rqs, I rarely do this. they will be sketches. sorry irl is limiting me.

1. :icontwinkletoeskat: --> Twinkle (1)

Mature Content

Twinkle by TwinkletoesKat

2. :iconmidnight-devilwitch: --> Midnight Devilwitch Bling Bling ( 2 )Midnight Devilwitch BlingBling Character ref sheet by Midnight-Devilwitch

3. :iconthedarkneon: --> Kami Dawn (1) Blood Suckerz - Terrorween 3D Poster  by TheDarkNeon

4. xXLiLiTheCaracalXx --> (1) :Ref Sheet: LiLi the Lynx by xXLiLiTheCaracalXx

5.Midnightflaze  --> (1) Taikani by Midnightflaze

6. :iconoceana1: --> Euphoria (1)Euphoria by Oceana1

7. :iconmostwanted06: --> Farrah (1) Farrah the Fox by MostWanted06

8. :icongaidenthewolf: --> Yui the Echidna (1) Custom Adoptable for GaidenTheWolf by tooqt

9. Jelly-Cupcake --> Glacia (1) 

10. :iconstereoandsapphire199: --> Sapphire (1)Sapphire 2016 Design by StereoAndSapphire199

Note: take it easy on me with your char details plz (gotta be sonic styled)
You can't create fan characters
You can't age up characters
You can't age down characters
You can't set your own rules
You will be bashed
Your friends will be bashed
You can't put this char with that char
People can't have an opinion
Your headcanon will bashed
Your AU will get bashed
Your coupling will get bashed
Logic is always an argument
Your mind is in question
Your health is at stake
Exposure is fed upon
You can't defend yourself
You are advise to ignore when its "easier said than done"
Some people will not always have your back
You will have to watch your back
Saying "no" pisses some people off
People are petty
People are ignorant
People have too much pride
People have too much ego
Some people don't have a life
People lack their sanity
People lack their innocence
People will have guilt
People will have regrets
People can be heartless
People can be relentless
Trust will be questioned
People will force you to suicide
People will force you to insanity
You will get slander
You will wind up with defamation
They will take your fans
They will take your friends
They will kill your relationship
They will destroy you
They will ruin your confidence
They will make you feel obsolete
Whiteknighting is ok
You will be assume thinking in third person
Pervs are ok
If you are not hardcore into yiffing and anything that is a sex topic you will bashed and hated upon
People will use you
People will abuse you
People will control you
You will lose sight of who you are and things you do
What the Popular minority says is always "right"
What the sane minority says is always "wrong"
Trolling is ok
You are told constantly to "deal with it"
Male Domination upon women is ok (in Furry and Sonic fandoms mostly)
Fetishes taken to the extreme rather not real is ok
Yiffing users can tell your mates they "love" them
Yiffing users will force your mate to keep secrets from you
Some friends will not care
You will not get much support
People will dislike (hate) you
People will neglect you
People will abandoned you
Their is no reasoning, people are heartless could go on forever but the big question is are fandoms real anymore?

Sonic, Furry, Undertale, Steven Universe, FNAF, MLP, Anime, Manga and other fandoms with so many issues...wth happened?!
After speaking with a friend I will now confirm that me and :iconblue-the-unknown: universe with our characters are now headcanon. they actually have been for years. we never like had much time to create full profiles and stories cause our personal lives and dramas. we have made stories and they were pretty cool but due to our IRL schedules we can make time to do comics. I have tried promoting SoulXBlue and the other characters in our headcanon but sadly its more haters than followers. the haters are causin conflict cause its the this whole crank coupling argument and the whole logic thing. its mostly from sexually promiscous males in the fandom and things get kinda weird and personal for :iconblue-the-unknown:. I wont get into details but on the positives I REALLY wanna do tons and tons more of SXB and the headcanon as long as things can be clean and its no bs to stop SXB from getting more stronger. thats :iconfunfetticolorz for creating the great and suporting us for so long, her and lots of are good a true friends that bring more positivity for us. thats all me and :iconblue-the-unknown: is to have fun with our headcanon. but all that other stuff :icondonotwantplz: 

Also please not when I say sexually promiscous males im addressing those that started drama, if you do nsfw and you got some sense then IM not talking about you.
and yes headcanon so NO to cracnk coupling, crackcoupling and that cheating stuff. its not tolerated for outside characters. don't like it and respect it then tough shit.

If we have single characters and you would like to address a coupling idea then we would like to hear it. a newcomer, a new mysterious, a new unknown we would be interested. but NO married couples with children and families will NOT be involved in sexual activity outside the headcanon. I thank a friend for waking me up to that.

I do have logic and my mind is in the right place so please dont go there. I know all the tricks and wordings, I've seen with Sonic, FNAF, MLP, Furry, Steven Universe, and Undertale. been doing this for 11 years so I KNOW what i'm doing.

if you wanna support us please go here as we are still posting stuff there -->

(Warning: Typo and Curse words)

Ah, yes 

It had dawned on me that 10/18/06 I signed upon this here site as the user "Soul890" which was 4 months after I graduated. thing was I actually wanted too sign up in 03-04 (which was my first FC designing years) but was owning a WebTv. users in this modern day in age wouldn't know first off what that is but pfft that was in the DSL era lmao. I been here for so long as I have many awesome cool ups and then my depressing, crazy, hectic, dramatic, unfair, and hellacious downs. I have NOT been too active here like I was in my beginning years cause you know how life can be and then its that unwanted drama and dealing with the likes demanding people and fake people. its pretty much social problems for me when Ive dealt with people. haha what a ride it has been, sucks this year has been hard on me after being robbed, wifi was out, and had too wait 3 seasons too get a new laptop only too not be even more active cause of life and being at a workspace. I will always stand by that those in this modern community or someone didnt want me here so I felt I was robbed, hacked, slandered and sabotaged from 2010-2015.  and this might sound a bit corny but I honestly didn't like all the changes which sometimes you gotta accept change but I feel I was forced too accept them which bugs me on a personal level. in the end I will NOT like certain people no matter where I go. sure some out there will feel the same way and they will sure say what they can do with themselves and their feelings cause they didnt care about my feelings so I can careless about their pride, ego, rank, and "rep" cause thats nothing but something for one too label themselves. and plus no one has even owned up for what they have done cause they did wrong and would rather let me burn..karma has done nothing yet..not as big as it should. oh well I survived this long. 

I had fun here, sucks years ago things where awesome just trolling was a bit crazy but seems it died down a bit than it did years ago, lots of people couldve became a target so now its some of your fellow "idols" trolling and abusing other users. 

I have NOT passed the torch yet as if would matter lol, Im no one favorite artist just those who have talents but ultimate talent is to belittle others, yeah they will eat up your sweetness like its a yummy cake and spit on your feelings and humiliating you for their entertainment. People out here will use you, apologize then recycle you and do it all over again. some people out here promise they will change or have a friend whisper too you and tell plug bugs in your ears whispering all these false promises and then the cycle repeats and you gotta deal with the snake yet again. then its those that are toxic and spew their cancerous disease like lies towards everyone around them and rot their minds till they are on their knees and give in at that last moment so they can breathe. they know who they are, they tried pulling the wool over my precious puppy brown eyes but I wanted too see life and see things for the way they were and it was too be clean and peaceful. other ppl were mad at my visions and the way I went about things and wanted too destroy it all with their rules and their destructive advice & suggestions that left me feeling pretty bad. then when I turn around they are nowhere too be found. also what happened too the support I used too have, people just abandon you and neglect you but when they need something or you do something they like all of sudden yall cool and what not they suddenly they just leave you..that has bugged me irl and and on here.

I don't like this "Core" thing either but I guess someone will be like "if you paid $50 for a game then you can pay $50 for a sub" tch w/e. 

well I will say I had fun here but in later years things went downhill cause in the end people picked at me and pissed me off and turned me into something i'm not cause I couldn't meet their expectations. so yeah, removed, blocked, shunned, and just udderly mistreated in so much ways. in the end I saw people who they were. and yeah they saw m for who they were cause they gave me a reason as they state they do. like im only human of course, their just social dramawhore junkies that lives their lives pretending they are things their not. I was only attacked cause hey "im too good" "im too nice" and I stand up for what I believe in. yes nowadays you cant even be proud of your own art or even yourself. its up too THEM how well you get around here. its controllng and demanding. all too much pressure. whatever happened too having the passion and people looking out for each other? now its all about this pronz, rping, and yiffing stuff. people dont have normal convos anymore. people dont want you too even say "hi" or "hello" like how in the heck can you greet people?. people can make up a story about someone and a bunch of Sleeple just flockin and walking towards it all and in fear as they lose their minds in a blind instant. well no one is taking my mind as its intact and im not out of it. Im in good health and been here for a long time. we all have our days where we our down and life sucks, I get we shouldnt be overdramatic and holding grudges but then in a way people have their reasons cause its people that are talented, spoiled, getting their way when they dont diserve it but yet in the past they were doing the things that they are against so it would make them hypocrites.

then its this low-tier and high-tier. man it should be all tier. sadly no not anymore! lmfao 

someone told me I should be a spokeperson or something cause I always speak about all the BS happening in communities. alot of people dont agree cause of their blind insights and this BS logic. like "bad is good" "good is bad", and  "im the bad guy when im really the good guy" bullshit! been there done that cause I've seen the unlogical, the true hypocrites, the real "GOOD GUYS". my profile which my rules and stuff can back up some of it.

thing is it be alot on my mind and I either talk about it, vent about it, and even stand up too it. all this ignore and bottling it up crap is stupid cause soon you'll snap and will lose it cause people will reach their limits, people are human NOT robots. all that coldhearted, emotionless, and darkhearted people can go too the depths of hell if they wanna be those kinda people. and im not saying all people are like just the ones I came across and had too get out my life cause it was taintng negativity upon me and it was changing who I was and I didnt like it, I didnt like what I was turning into and who I became. im human I got feelngs, regreats, guilt and alot of other things. and rather so say im not mature and and they hate my stories. well maybe its because they feel im lying and they cant relate too t saying so much crap so instead of me being quiet they should stfu about things they dont know or fully understand as they havent been in my shoes and will never understand my experience. its ok for people too say whatever they want about you but you are discredited for talking back and defending yourself? its ok for people to condemn you and demonize you for your actions but they can go around and cause chaos and treat you any kind of way and during all that you gotta sit there and pretend that everything is ok?!..mmman fuck that.

also this "popular artist" thing. well someone lose too me brought this up so Im speaking for this person and pretty much they said. its always this "popular" artist that has been around for a while and they leave, then come back, they leave then go under a new name, they leave then come back wanting money, leave and repeat and still people are still welcoming them with open arms amd people are kissing their ass everyday like its nothing. now im not jealous I just think its kinda messed up. cause I remember a friend of mine one time came back and people just ignored him and he left, another one she couldnt deal with the changes then left, and then last is me my favorite haha I remember I came back one time from a long break and people were assuming I was neglecting my friends on purpose lying about vacation, then the other I was getting a swift kick in the ass cause they said I was egotistic and compared me with someone that was mimicing my personality. yeah 2010-2015 all these guys out here hate me so bad they stole a couple of things from me art wise and all pretended to respect me but then treated me like crap and play victim saying I threatened their lives but all I told them was "a little credit would be nice" so the goatee thing and having a original gothic like FC I made that famous. and you dont like Soul Tyo well thats ok, im sorry he is the most kickass hybrid of all time, I even lmao when some people label him and sometimes me..the "Male Puritylf4" but that was a couple yrs ago.

People have done at best too to ruin me cause I have been the Underdog since day 1 but have always made a big comeback that made my naysayers stfu and regretted doubting me, no likes underdogs at all but remember an underdog can be full of surprises ;)
Well, I thought I just update and at home from being once again downtown lol. anyway last night wsa great as I was a bit nervous that something would go wrong like drama but overall my old man took me out too eat and I made sure I was gonna eat some pizza and it was satisfying as hell, drunk Sprite then drunk a lil something. later on boxed some of my fod cause the order was overdone cause we had a hella chicken lmao. so they took me to the movies and it was obvious what we was gonna watch cause alot of people I knew saw yeah it was Straight Outta Compton. very good movie btw despite that its makes people question things about the members. after that I came back home and played Dead Rising 3 then went too sleep so petty much my bday was awesome asf and ended positive. out of many of my bdays this was one of them that when Im older it was 100% pure positivity. also I would like too thank everyone that wished my happy bday and :iconblue-the-unknown: :heart: since she was the first too tell me, I might didnt get material things but getting all those wishes blew me away and hell even my blew up. im talking about over 40-50 from FB, my family, and a few upon few on Skype and from people I didnt get a chance too hear from in so long. like I lmao cause all that overpouring love just killed w/e my haters thought of me XD

I will soon try too post stuffs, hopefully get a chance too draw depending how things happen in the real world which hasnt been so troublesome. just making time is a challenge.

anyway thanx for reading and also thank you


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