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Well, I thought I just update and at home from being once again downtown lol. anyway last night wsa great as I was a bit nervous that something would go wrong like drama but overall my old man took me out too eat and I made sure I was gonna eat some pizza and it was satisfying as hell, drunk Sprite then drunk a lil something. later on boxed some of my fod cause the order was overdone cause we had a hella chicken lmao. so they took me to the movies and it was obvious what we was gonna watch cause alot of people I knew saw yeah it was Straight Outta Compton. very good movie btw despite that its makes people question things about the members. after that I came back home and played Dead Rising 3 then went too sleep so petty much my bday was awesome asf and ended positive. out of many of my bdays this was one of them that when Im older it was 100% pure positivity. also I would like too thank everyone that wished my happy bday and :iconblue-the-unknown: :heart: since she was the first too tell me, I might didnt get material things but getting all those wishes blew me away and hell even my blew up. im talking about over 40-50 from FB, my family, and a few upon few on Skype and from people I didnt get a chance too hear from in so long. like I lmao cause all that overpouring love just killed w/e my haters thought of me XD

I will soon try too post stuffs, hopefully get a chance too draw depending how things happen in the real world which hasnt been so troublesome. just making time is a challenge.

anyway thanx for reading and also thank you



Soul Tyo
About Me

:bulletblue: Nicknames

old enough to know better (September 15th)

rainbow, judge that raciest :V

Soo many :),

:bulletred:Fav Bands/Singers:bulletred:
Saliva, Skillet, Shinedown, Soulfly, Nickelback, Deftones, Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Shootie HG, Hatestar, Eminem, Sevendust, Seether, The Shizit, Acid Enema, A2, Babylon Disco, Atlas Plug, Celldweller, Aphex Twin, A Dark Halo, Gizmachi, Starren Ayentent, Distrurbed, Combichrist, Fumie Kumitani, Crush 40, Downstait, Fireball Ministry, Epic Score, Jamie Christopherson

:bulletblack:Fav Actors:bulletblack:
Too many

:bulletred:Fav Animes/Shows/Films:bulletred:
Family Guy, DBZ, Sonic X, Robot Chicken, AoSTH, SaTAM, Batman Beyond, I like action flicks

:bulletred:My Best Created Fan Characters:bulletred:
Soul Tyo the Hedgechidna/Mysterious, Stardust Seether the Hedgehog/Cosmic Bumblebee, Saros the Cat, Incognito the Imperfect, Sparkle the Hedgehog, Berzerk the Wolverine, Ivan the Fox, Zero the Mysterious, Starren the Hybrid, Sprinkles the Hedgehog, Axel the Hedgechidna, Spyra the Pyroprincess, Sayomi the Albino Lynx/Reject, Sisco the Urbanwolf, Ray the Bat, Spiral the Hedgehog, Tegra the Tigress, Aoi the Unknown, Ring and Rie the Teasers, Laija the Jerboa, Val the Cobra, Sonya the Hedgehog, Treats the Zebra-Striped Lynx, Ysane Stoneheart the Dragon, Killabyte-012 the Ultratype, Tru the Mysterioknown, Discharge the Cat, Lyrik the Catfox, Taint the Hedgechidna, NV the Deer, and etc.

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:

1. Requests: Please take this into consideration, I don't mind doing requests but I stopped cause it turns into a 24/7 thing as one willtake advatange of it thinking that they can get free art all more than ever all they want too

2. Art Trades: I don't mind AT's unless I can trust said user doing it, but I will inform them first hand if I take long its because three different, tech issues, or mood all together or I will stop the trade in case Im unable to do it. now if the user does what is right then the trade is solid but if they take forever and don't do those three things ormaybe lie about it then I won't do it. plus during the trade I will let them go first and I go second.

3. Commissions: They are always open unless people are so concerned about high quality and prices. sorry im NOT like your everydays "heroes" in the community that charge way out the pocket.

4. Notes: I don't mind friendly notes. but please don't note me to seduce me or my characters. yeah don't give me the "there not real" thing cause Im logical but my creations, my universe, my rules.

5. Being Active: Depending on mood or life altogether is when it will be more art here. due too things like life iand what not I get limited to doing my artworks so plz understand its not easy to post alot, or have completed projects.

6. Drama: As a victim of it, I'll will state III don't want drama upon my deviations, journals or anything. if you or someone has some grip with each other then take it in notes or something. now if its with me then you can not me too cause if on my pages I will just "Flagged as Spam". if you wanna be a hater then understand I love you too but you gt to gtfo my page. now if you wanna make a blog, wiki page, tumblr post, facebook status, skype IM or dA note please let me know so I can laug at how pathetic you are. just be a human being and address me as such. if not then stop wasting your time fucking with me and get a life.

7. Rping: I will not use any of my main or top chars to be involved in weird rps unless its with their soulmates. besides I only rp with my gf :iconblue-the-unknown:

8. Dislikes: Cross-coupling, cheating fetish, rape fetish, perverted comments, young users telling me to take off my mature filters, slandering, trolling, snobs, "popular" artists, spoiled users, pimping fetish, sexually promiscuous characters, bitchy female users, freeloading users, passive-agressive users, scat, watersports, and overall stupidity.

:bulletblue: Hashtags :bulletblue:

#SoultheMysterious, #AntiPerv, #AntiPedo, #Rebel, #PushSoultheMysterious, #Faithful, #AntiCheating, #ImBetterThanYou, #DeathtoPopularity, #StillAlive

:iconbigheartplz::iconblue-the-unknown::iconsoul-the-mysterious::iconbigheartplz: (9/7/08)

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