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Yes, they are reopen now.

Anyways, I'm ready to do some comms. and here are the prices from recent journals along with rules

anyway Im gonna set rules

1. Please don't rush me (art needs effort put into it and have to wait, patience is key)
2. I don't do dead lines due to the fact that things can come up in the real world and cause conflict to reach that date of getting it completed
3. Don't complain, if I go all out of my time in the real world to do this art please respect I've done the best to get the task completed.
4. Don't complain about the prices, they are fair.
5. No nasty fetishes, if its scat, toilet or something out of the so done lmao

--About Gifts and Getting Ask For Requests---

Now I wanna address something. to those who want me to do like picture for you and stuff. please understand that when I sketch I pile my stuff neatly like its paperwork. it will take while to get to them. so don't note me constantly being assertive and impatient with me if I havent posted it cause understand I do have a life and im not on dA 24/7, you'll get your picture when the time is right cause I love to surprise.

--- also about commission prices here they are ---

Alright everyone I've thought of a fair way to do my commissions

I take paypal and commission points, Im sorry but I'm really iffy on snail mail

anyway I thought I create this with better confidence and state

my linearts will be around 10.00

my basic colors will be around 15.00

YCH 20.00 (cause I'm doing sketching, lineart, coloring, shading)

my email

aaand yes, Paypal (I will only share it privately with the consumer who does comm biz with me. I could do snail mail but I get second thoughts on that one lol )

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About Me

:bulletblue: Nicknames

old enough to know better (September 15th)

rainbow, judge that raciest :V

Soo many :),

:bulletred:Fav Bands/Singers:bulletred:
Saliva, Skillet, Shinedown, Soulfly, Nickelback, Deftones, Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Shootie HG, Hatestar, Eminem, Sevendust, Seether, The Shizit, Acid Enema, A2, Babylon Disco, Atlas Plug, Celldweller, Aphex Twin, A Dark Halo, Gizmachi, Starren Ayentent, Distrurbed, Combichrist, Fumie Kumitani, Crush 40, Downstait, Fireball Ministry, Epic Score, Jamie Christopherson

:bulletblack:Fav Actors:bulletblack:
Too many

:bulletred:Fav Animes/Shows/Films:bulletred:
Family Guy, DBZ, Sonic X, Robot Chicken, AoSTH, SaTAM, Batman Beyond, I like action flicks

:bulletred:My Best Created Fan Characters:bulletred:
Soul Tyo the Hedgechidna/Mysterious, Stardust Seether the Hedgehog/Cosmic Bumblebee, Saros the Cat, Incognito the Imperfect, Sparkle the Hedgehog, Berzerk the Wolverine, Ivan the Fox, Zero the Mysterious, Starren the Hybrid, Sprinkles the Hedgehog, Axel the Hedgechidna, Spyra the Pyroprincess, Sayomi the Albino Lynx/Reject, Sisco the Urbanwolf, Ray the Bat, Spiral the Hedgehog, Tegra the Tigress, Aoi the Unknown, Ring and Rie the Teasers, Laija the Jerboa, Val the Cobra, Sonya the Hedgehog, Treats the Zebra-Striped Lynx, Ysane Stoneheart the Dragon, Killabyte-012 the Ultratype, Tru the Mysterioknown, Discharge the Cat, Lyrik the Catfox, Taint the Hedgechidna, NV the Deer, and etc.

:iconbigheartplz::iconblue-the-unknown::iconsoul-the-mysterious::iconbigheartplz: (9/7/08)

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